Monday, January 10, 2011

Insides me

Thank you Allah to let that tragic event happened to me..
I know, 
It happened for reasons..

I regret, 
But it just happened,
And left non erasable sign..

I don't wanna run,
I don't wanna chase,
The precious that I've lost,
I admit it,
It was my big silly mistake..

Time can't be returned,
I shall face it,
I shall be responsible..

Gaining strength,
For a new page of life..

Restart a new beginning,
Reinforce my words,
Prove that I am wrong,
Prove that I realized it,
Prove that I can change,
From silly to brilliant..

Thank you Allah,
fill my heart with Your love,
fill my energy with Your strength,
fill my day with Your grace..

I will find my way,
and my eternal happiness..


Anonymous said...

suka tgk gmbr2 dlm blog ni...

zacky ~786~ said...


eezance said...

fa10 : tq dear.. :)