Friday, January 7, 2011

Why you can't see me?

~:Special Picture :~

(not been captured by me) ;)

salam readers... :)

I do love pictures.. Especially, those meaningful beautiful pictures.. plus my own picture too.. Who don't right? However, I have no gut to post my pictures in this blog... I am so shy2 and have low self esteem to put my pictures here.. :P 

I know most of girl bloggers put their own pictures in their blogs.. I also have the intention too.. Naahhh~ still have no courage.. I realized people with their pictures in their blogs seem to have more followers and fans.. Is it true? Well, maybe 1 more point for people to like the bloggers because they know their faces.. How about me? -.-  *sigh*

No matter how I am thinking right now.. Still! No picture of my true face here~ :D lalala.. I am too precious to let you guys know my face.. :P 

But, I have the intention to meet you guys one day.. InshaAllah.. Maybe during my wedding ceremony? :P Not so soon~

Take care then..



fzikuz said...

ehem, well actually I'm in question also on how's the face of the owner? But, it's not a big deal after all. I read because of the way you wrote, the ideas are the most important.. ^^

eezance said...

fzikuz : big applause to fzikuz for his awesome thought.. :D tq!

ken said...

well.. i dont always put my faces on my blog :)

Faaein Himura said...

me too eezance.. that girls are pretty and beautiful.. that's why they have a lot of fan.. maybe you also will get more fan too.. hehehe..

p/s: I don't like to take my own picture.. =(