Thursday, January 6, 2011

The brighter side

for these few years..
i am suffering insides..
although I managed to overcome my sadness..
it still come back whenever I let it..

It is just me,
Who failed to stand still..
Unable to ignore the illusions..
Live beyond someone..
And never can get ride off..

Why is it so hard?
Run away!
Stop being a loser..

It's only your view,
How you feel about yourself..

There is still a brighter side of yours,
which you have to look for..
And proud of..

Don't you remember those words?
" You are always a special one.. "

Past are the past..
Don't overlook..
Or you may fall behind..

Go away from the worthlessness..
Run to your brighter sides..

heartiness : I wish I can share it here.. But, how complicated.. *sigh*

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