Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Design

salam readers!

thanks so much to come to my blog.. :)

I am quite tired after arranging my blog's design.. Do you realise any changes have been made? heee.. No matter how i arranged it, i hope i can still post the extra large pictures! :P i also just added a blog's picture at the bottom of this page.. Feel like to add a bit handy touch there.. and it ended up to be cute! i like it.. what do you think? may be next2 time i will change the header.. but not so soon since i love mine now very much.. :)

ok readers, i gotta have a good rest now.. take care!

" difficult language have no barrier for us to remain connected "

gambatte neh~



.::zaimah::. said...

pic kat bwh mmg comel..hehe

eezance said...

zaimah : tq dear.. :))heee

Faaein Himura said...

if you happy for that..
i will happy too.. =]

eezance said...

Faaein : as usual.. Faaein is the lovely one.. tq dear! :D