Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I was hacked!


When i was surfing internet.. Suddenly my roommate knocked my door.. I opened the door, I saw my roommate weird face.. 

" Why? " I asked her.

" Its weird.. Did you online your YM? " she asked.

" Well, yes just now.. Why? "

" Come here! " she asked me to go to her room and look at her laptop..

" Haaa? " with a big question in head. I was shocked by what I saw.

It was her YM where a reply was sent by me to her and said this :

" Eezance is not here! She's dead! " 


Feel like fainting, I strengthen myself.. I went to my room and took my camera.. I took the picture of that YM as evidence. 

What was happened? Someone hacked my email? They knew my password? Bla bla bla..  My mind just cannot stop questioning..

At last I thanked to my roommate for the news, locked my door and sat in front of my laptop.. Tried to think what was actually happened and why was this happened to me..

You know what, when you are seriously shock.. It is really a bad condition.. Palpitation.. Dizziness.. Fear.. Worried.. Bla bla bla.. 

I called my family and asked if they knew my password.. Who knows, maybe they did prank me.. Then, after  another call for a solution.. I laughed.. *sigh*.. In that discussion, an idea about my YM status : " I'm Mobile " came out.. Yeah~ I just remembered my previous phone number was used to that mobile device in YM.. I also knew that my previous phone number was already preoccupied by someone else.. So, maybe this victim already fades up with all the messages from YM whenever I signed out or somebody left their messages to me.. huhuhu..  

To confirm it, I called my old phone number.. A man answered.. He confessed that he was the one that replied my roommate's YM message.. He also apologized me for telling my roommate that I was dead.. I pity him and tried to change my YM setting.. If only I changed it earlier.. But just dunno how.. After searching and searching for the right setting.. It's done! Alhamdulillah.. now you can rest in peace with no more love letters from YM.. hihihi.. So sorry!

* Long Sigh~ *

I was so relieved by now!! 

No one is actually interested to hack me.. hee~

Thanks to the person that gave me a very brilliant idea of solution..

Now, I can rest in calm and better prepared for tomorrow test.. 

Wish me all the best yea friends!



ken said...

lol.. the dude is bad la.. good that you changed the settings now :)

Ms and Mr Red Ribbon said...

yes it was scary at the first place... thank God u've solved it :)

eezance said...

ken : yeah.. scary one.. huhu.. i don't wanna mess up his life anymore.. almost give up but i tried to find how to set back.. succeed! hee :)

Mr&Mr Red Ribbon : i can tell u it was really scary! i was agitated by that feeling.. thank goodness.. :)

Faaein Himura said...

so scared.. that guy really bad.. how can he said like that..

Alhamdulillah dah selesai perkara tu.. moga lepas ni tak jadi macam tu lagi..

eezance said...

Faaein : aminnn~ :) tq dear..

Huszaini said...

alamak! kena komen omputih ke? tak reti aa huhuhu...

eezance said...

Huszaini : hee.. xdelah kamu.. boleh je BM ke BI.. sy jawab depends yg komen guna yang mana 1... ;)

Huszaini said...

hehehe saje je...