Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wangsa Walk @ Wangsa Maju

four of my best ever relatives..
guess what?
goal for 100! and more! gambatte~ :D
after all sweats and hard work.. EVEN? *sigh* i thought we would score more.. O.o

time for revenge! muahaha.. 

opps.. when my little sis saw food.. she would be very happy like in playground.. hihihi :P

water view.. :)

salam readers! 

last weekend, i went to Wangsa Walk with my sisters.. We planned to have some games at there and hang out like old friends.. hee.. since I am the only one that stay far away from home.. :) we usually went out whenever I was home..

Although Wangsa Walk is really new, but for me.. it is just okay and kind of nice landscape too.. This place even has popular shops like Cold Storage, Subway, A&W, Secret Recipe and many others.. I haven't walk all over this place yet.. So, I am not very familiar with the shops available there.. hee.. 

The best place that we went is at the games corner.. They do have many types of games.. I and my elder sister played together.. We played the big gun, car race, and the most best one was basketball shoot.. We played it again and again almost 3 or 4 times.. After that, we felt really like we were in the real basketball game.. Exhausted, shortness of breath, and energetic.. It had been a long time ago when the last time I played basketball was in my matrix.. missed it much! ;(

p/s : i am so sorry for a fair quality of pictures.. So excited that i lost my focus to capture a good one.. hee :P

take care then..


Faaein Himura said...

it's ok eezance..
for me that pic's still very cool.. hehehe.. =]

suka gambar yg pegang senapang tu..

eezance said...

Faaein : Kamu memang baik~ :))

jom kte main same2 nak? hee..