Monday, January 3, 2011

Candid is chic contest~!

a photo contest is organised by Dilla (click here to join) ! 

end date : 10th January 2011

thanks dear Faaein for tagging me with this contest.. I would love to join ! :)

my candid picture will be :

a little kitten! 

it was when I went to a camp, I saw this kitten and his 2 little brothers.. Because of too excited meeting with them.. I tried to come closer and brought my camera in hand.. It was actually a bit difficult to capture a very sharp kitten's picture.. alhamdulillah, i made it! :D

you know what happen then?

he gave me this look.. :P

scary face..! haha. who cares~ already got your picture! lalala.. :D

every time I looked back this picture, it never fail to make me smile again.. ;)
thank you little kitten.. you are always cute creature ever~

i am tagging :



All the picture lovers~ ;)

all the best people..

take care..


Shaofie said...

jemput join segmen saye. mudah je. ala-ala blog review.

dilla adilla said...

tq sudi join :)