Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a new year!

Happy New Year everyone~ 

Today is 1st January 2011

I am looking forwards for a new wishlist.. 

As a blogger, I wish :

      • creating a blogger group of mine.. who wanna join? 1st criteria is a photography lover and a beginner photographer.
      • meet up with friendy bloggers! I wanna meet all the people, especially who are always have conversations with me here..
      • organize a contest!
      • thousands visitors~
      • a new camera? hee... if can! :P
      • more great photoshoot plans.. invite me if any~
      • attend bloggers event.. Am I able to join? hee..

As medical student, I wish :

      • Success in final exam second sem 4th year.. aminn
      • Enter 5th year new sem! aminnn!
      • Able to impress the lecturers..
      • More confident and talkable!

As a person in real life, I wish :

      • Getting married this year! hee.. No lah.. (kidding~ :P)
      • Able to spend more time for family, friends, programs..
      • Being a good servant to Allah, and improve all my weaknesses..
      • Saving more money for own future~
      • Etc..
I hope all of you will have a wishlist too k.. And may all your wishes come true!!

Take care..


黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Good idea... can I join in the fun!


eezance said...

Wong : hee.. can! you are a great photographer than me~ how can I say no.. :P

Faaein Himura said...

yeah.. really good idea..

i'm your fan..

still here forever.. inshaAllah..

hahaha.. =]

Faaein Himura said...

p/s: kamu di tag.. ada masa sila2 lah layan.. hehehe.. =]

eezance said...

faaein : tq kamu! sudah join~ ;)