Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dear Bloggers

salam 'alaikum dear readers and bloggers,

do you notice my visitor list link at the bottom of my blog? I am sorry that i plan to remove it from my blog since the list is already too long..Kind of lotsa words there.. My alternative is maybe you can leave your link in my follower list.. So that i can visit your blog and not gonna miss to visit you..  This is not a request from me to ask you to be my follower without your own desire.. I would love to have my followers who like to follow because they do want.. Okay dear readers and bloggers? 


I really appreciate for those who left their links here.. And I am so so sorry to remove it then.. ;(

thanks so much for being my visitors.. (^^,) v


Faaein Himura said...


Kembang Perawan 3288 said...

(",) ngengee

haidi takeAfoto said...

aai eezannn..ade mane tu..sihat ke..sorry dis week bz..xsempat nak jenguk...

eezance said...

haidi: hai.. :) ada kat KL.. alhamdulillah sehat.. xpe2.. bleh dtg jenguk bila2 free.. ;)