Friday, December 31, 2010

Men are aliens!

Agree? come and read.. 
Disagree? go away! shuh2.. hehe

it was me when i was 8 year old.. a man does not exist any more in my life.. he went away and leave me with my sisters and mom alone.. then we started off a new way of life.. all girls world! 

yeah~ that is how I begin not to know about man..

who are you?
are you an alien?
do you live like us?
do you eat like us?
do you behave like us?
do you can feel like how we feel?
do you love kids like how we do?
do you able to care like how we care?
do you feel afraid like us?
do you hate pain?
do you strong inside?
more questions are still in my minds..
i was unable to see any growing boy to be a man..

lost world..

i think, maybe my chance will come to learn it if i am gonna have a baby boy in future.. aminn...! 

when i saw men are excited to play with babies.. hundreds question marks on my head.. is it true what i see?

when i saw men tends to express themselves, i asked myself.. do they able to express? i am suprised!

when i saw a man cried.. oh my.. am i dreaming?

when i realized men is weaker to be a gritty person than woman.. hmm, is it really like this?

when i found men do not really preciously care about their life.. wah.. no wonder they able to sacrifice more than women.. we are so afraid of hurting ourselves.. we love our lives!

when I found out, a man can be really irrational if their fail in love.. They can commit suicide! Huh? *dumbfounded*


men really are aliens to me..

lotsa things i did not know about who are men..

 i am still learning! 


titirara said...

i like it ^_^

happy new year ya :D

eezance said...

titirara: tq dear! happy new year too.. :D

Faaein Himura said...

really make me think about it..

hope this year, you n your family will be better and better than 8 years ago.. Ameen..

Even i have a men in my family, but i still don't understand about a man..

p/s: betul ke ayat tu.. hahaha belasah ajelah.. selamat tahun baru eezance.. =]