Friday, December 31, 2010

It is YOU who can help, not ME..

salam readers..

once upon a time.. hee.. feeling like to tell a fairy tale.. :D 

erm, just now my old school friend chatted with me.. He was my roommate ex-guy which we (me, him and her were in the same matrix).. They broke up since.. Oh dear, I just didn't know when then.. But, no big deal~ 

The points of our chats were about her.. I am not a cupid, or love's doctor.. I am just a girl who also learn about heart's life and needs.. So, as this friend is still in a no no good mood, a little bit smell of frustration and a little mess life events.. I distracted him not to think about that problem anymore and focus on himself..

Do you agree when we are worry of something, or too much thoughts.. We tends to be a stalker, investigators, silents observants and etc.. But, every time we did it.. It will cause us more in pain, and even worse depression.. We are trapped in their (the person we follow) life.. And we started to ignore our feelings.. We try to follow again and again.. And we still ignore ourselves.. Negligent .. 

How much have you wasted your life my friend? 
Come one, build up a new you.. Life is so wide that you can walk away, run or fly (please don't fly.. :P) ! Find the sunshine.. appreciate the glittering stars.. And smell the sweet-scented flowers blooming.. 

At the end of chat, he accepted my words..
 Be a good guy okay.. Don't mess up your life.. we are a doctor to be.. Strengthen yourself! 

It is YOU who can help yourself, not ME.. not the others.. Self monologues and motivations are your important key for success and have a better life..

Gambatte neh!

p/s : if you come across to read, i am sorry to post it here.. :) hee 

when i try to remember again, actually i have a number of guys that are quite close to me.. I mean, we are not actually contact each other.. Not every single day.. But they do share their problems with me.. Unfortunately, you guys only seek me when you are in trouble! cess.. -.- " or me who are ignoring you all? hehehe.. serve you right~

Okay, the supportive psychotherapy ended..

(the pic below is unrelated topic.. hee)

oh my cute little man.. i want a baby~ i want.. can I adopt you? :D

*sigh~* can't adopt baby when you are unemployed.. >.<

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