Thursday, January 1, 2015

Royal Eternity

After delivered my baby, I realized my physical changed. Not energetic looking, and more chubby. This one advertisement about good supplement keep popped up in my FB's timeline. And I could not stop from reading it and ended up I bought 2 boxes in total.

Well, Alhamdulillah, this Radiance Signature supplement do leave positive effect on me. Brighter skin color, softer skin texture and surprisingly increased my Haemoglobin level! From 9-10 to 13.
Thank you Radiance Signature company for creating this brilliant mixture of fruits.

Currently I am using a slimming cream and corset to reduce my bumpy bump.

When my husband figured out that I made some efforts to get back to my previous physical state, he hugged me and whispered

" Even if you don't do all of these, I still love you."

Ouch. Those words touched my heart.

And it is true. People don't fall in love with you because you are pretty and attractive. But the love comes when you are being a good and kind person. The attraction is greater when you are personally attractive. And the love gets stronger when you do good maintenance to your attitude and deeds.

This morning, I woke up crying on my bad dream. A dramatic dream. A conflict in relationship.
I still remember the words spilled by "my husband" in the dream.

" I felt empty in me. And I love her for her beauty as a Muslimah (to cut it short) "
And he cried with his fullest heart.
So emphatic.
That made me slipped to the ground
It feel so real. I almost believed it was a reality world.

Then I heard a man voice was reciting Quran.
And I woke up realizing I am back to reality. It was almost Subuh time.

I'm glad it was just a dream. I took my husband hand and kissed for forgiveness. The tears accompanied. He was already woke up and in mild shock seeing me crying.
He wiped my eyes and consoled my heart.

" I only love you. Don't cry ".

* * *

Oh Allah,,
I am so blessed with a wonderful husband brought from You..
Yet sometimes I forgot my duty as Muslim wife and companion..
Please guide and teach me
To fill my husband's heart with Your love and remembrance
To fill my son's heart with You
And to fill my family with love for only You

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