Monday, January 5, 2015

Breastfeed Your Baby

Being a newly motherhood member, I was encouraged by Mother and Child's health team to breastfeed my little baby. They even gave me a mini booklet about breastfeeding and storage, a short briefing and examined how I breastfeed during my hospital stay after delivery.

Breastfeeding was challenging at first. During my first few days of breastfeeding, it was complicated with pain coming from uterine contraction. It was so painful that I became restless each time feeding my baby. And some of the time, I ended up crying.

When the first month passed by and my little Adam  (his name is Adam Izaz by the way) was 1 month old, he always cries for my excessive mild expressed by his suction. I could do nothing but either to express some amount of the milk out first or clamp with my fingers so the flow will be slower.

I started him with bottle feeding because of several reasons

1. He can't tolerate the overflowing expressed milk
2.  His suction causes pain
3. Sometimes he sucked more than he needs and vomit
4. Sometimes he drink less and fall asleep

He tolerated well at first. Days after that problem arose.
He started to have wind, crying a lot which might be due to the painful stomach, vomited frequently.
And I also had problem in which I had to wake up early in the morning to wash bottle and express my milk, sometimes need to wait for the milk to warm up which I could barely sleep for 2-3 hours per day.

But thank you to my mom and husband who still encourage me to breastfeed little Adam, I somehow succeed ! Alhamdulillah. He able to adapt to the overflowing milk and there is no more pain when he sucks.

Now things got better. Little Adam looks happier and attached to me.
No more painful suction.
Less vomiting (may be due less wind / no issue with bottle hygiene)
Little Adam easily fall asleep after feeding
Less need to express milk

Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah.. ;)

Let's breastfeed our child ladies.
InshaAllah things will get better.

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