Friday, June 7, 2013

dear little sister

" Dear my little sister, I am proud of you.. "

I think this is my first time saying these words to my little sister. (=P)  She just finished SPM and received an offer to UITM , Penang which is far far away from home. For some reasons I can feel the " far far away" feeling when a family member is getting far from you.

This must be the feeling my mom and sisters have been enduring until now.. I am so so sorry for being afar.. ;( but, you guys must be alright since I am happy working at here.. right right... ? ;) hee...

Okay, back to my sister offer. She got offer course in electric engineering. Currently already day 4 of her new life in university.. I haven't had my chance to send her there , but will come one day to visit and vacating... heee.. ^_^   next month may be? InshaAllah...

Here are some pics she whatsapp' me..

Now, I think like how mom used to think of us...
How is she at there..
Is she eating well..
Is she adapting well..
Is she and is she.. 

Hopefully, she will be fine and studying well.. Don't naughty naughty okay little sis....
I am trusting you to Allah s.w.t.. He will take a good care of you.. I know He always do... ;)

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