Thursday, June 13, 2013

Breath in early dawn


a new breath in a new dawn
we open our eyes
smile to The Almighty,
thanking and grateful for another one chance of a new day

before getting up from bed,
praying and hoping,

" Oh Allah,
Alhamdulillah for this new day
Guide and teach me to be a better Muslim
Help me to improve and learn in humble

Make this ' Jasad ', 'Aqal' and limbs,
Be useful for human beings in helping

Oh Allah,
Make this heart and soul
Craving for Your love and blessings "

Dear brothers and sisters,
Human/Muslim never been perfect. We did good and not so good things. We made mistakes by time and learnt.

But, being in the same angle of life, attitude, mentality will not make us a better person even if we wish so. At the age around as me, people will not bother about us, our ' Ibadah', our improvements and etc. Only the concern people do and most, us ourselves will have the responsibility.

Even I have people I do concern lots, but I don't usually have good way and courage to tell that I want them become a better person, and Alhamdulillah if even get better than me.

InshaAllah, I hope my inner thoughts and prayers will reach their hearts and souls.
May Allah grants my wishes.
And people, pray for a better me too okay.. ;)

pic from Mr. Google.

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