Saturday, May 25, 2013

Little something

" What is that ?
A heart beating creature
Embedded insides the womb
It is called foetus, a little human baby "

Since my medical school, to me a misscarriage or so called abortion is something unevitable but acceptable in early pregnancy. It will not affect much towards the mother who just lost her new not yet well formed child. So, I pay my concern and empathy without being deeply affected insides.

But, one day when I scanned my colleague's tummy I saw a very little foetus insides. It swam happily, moving up sides down, almost break dancing. At that time , I was so amazed and could feel the excitement of my colleague, a becoming mother.

At that moment of time also, subconsciously I thought of what if a foetus like this loss its heart beat? not moving and awaiting to be expelled out? which, a process of misscarriage. Zupp, a heart piercing sound. Heart aching. Now I know, how much it affecting a mother's heart when they are told the baby is gone. T.T

Cry. Cry out loud. Then, be calm and believe Allah s.w.t. must have His good reasons for this.

To all friends who just experience misscarriage/s, be strong and hold onto a great strength. Believe that, Allah s.w.t. loves them more than you did and inshaAllah you will meet them again, soon..

* pic from Mr Google *


InIamIz4 said...

waiting my turn to become a mother.

izzanis said...

inshaAllah.. your turn will come when the right time came.. ;)
have faith...
pray and wish you all the best sis..