Saturday, April 27, 2013

total bliss

salam'alayk.. alhamdulillah.. finally i was able to finish my tagging weeks.. went out to work at dawn and went back in the dark night for 2 weeks.. most tiring days ended! hee..

i am in O&G posting , which means my patients would be mothers and babies.. ;)

yesterday was my first day working not as a tagger, started at 7am and finished at 6pm.  better than 10pm.. right? and i was so meaninglessly happy.. hehe

so as today, i will go to work at 12pm until 11pm.. it feels like a long time ago i had my daytime life.. ok, sounds overreacting right.. :p

well, being in new posting u will have to readapt to new things and recalls all ur learnings in med schools.. which i wonder where did i keep my old time memories.. hmm..

nevertheless lets work hard and do our best k.. inshaAllah.. dont forget that HE is always here besides us, care and concern..


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