Tuesday, April 30, 2013



One day , I worked in the blood taking room. And there, I met a staff nurse who replaced the usual staff in-charge of the room. We  got to know each other briefly, then she asked.

SN : how old are you?
Me : I am 25 this year.
SN : Oh, you are still young.
Me : whispered insides ( young? I am not really think so.. -.- )
SN : Have u married?
Me : No. Still single sis. :)
SN : oh, don't worry to much dear. The day will come. It doesn't mean to get marry earliest, or earlier you will have a good marriage and eternity. Let it happens by Allah's will. InshaAllah, you will feel blessed. Doesn't matter if people around you are getting married, let them ask when is your turn. But, you have to believe that Allah has planned the blessing one , one day when the day should come.

I smiled, yes. It's so true. People surrounds me are getting married, some are already in parent phase of life. although deep insides, I wish a blessing one is happening to me too. But, Allah knows best who and when, and I have to trust Him.

Mom is also saying the same, she will pray that someone blessed will join into our family, which InshaAllah is the right one for me, my religion, my life and work, my family and all things connected to me. InshaAllah. :)

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