Monday, April 8, 2013

Tailor in the making


Alhamdulillah, spending so lots of time with family members, I am just happy that I still have the chance to. I know, the time when I go back to hometown is the spring time for my family to hang out. We went for food hunting, shopping, chit chatting, and all. And although it is actually kind of tiring to walk outside the whole day, but I am happy as long as they are enjoying it.

My 2 little sisters as usual, busy with their part time works. One is a part time worker with college culinary classes. Another one is a part timer worker who is waiting for UPU results post SPM. I wish they are doing their best and grow up to be matured faster. Hihi

And to my only elder sister who is a housewife, taking care of her little son and a part timer my mom's driver to work (hehe) still searching for good part timer work doing house and a mother works.

Since she told me that she will be interested to start sewing things, I think she can be a good one too one day , InshaAllah.. A talented tailor? who knows... how I wish I can have a private tailor.. hihi.. So, we started to find tools for a tailor. Scissors, threads, buttons and etc with the tool box and all.. We already have my mom's sewing machine from Singer which is really going to contribute much in my sis's practice.

Now, what is left is my sister effort to make it possible. One day, after my sis can really sew clothes, I will make her my tailor of my collection? InshaAllah.. May Allah grants our wishes and giving us the guidance.. Amin Ya Rabb..

Till then, take care..

* no pictures.. hee.. next time yea..

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