Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beauty and Care


Reaching at the age of 20's plus , a lady just love to look beautiful and attractive. Buying stylish clothes, latest  make up items, becoming slimmer..  just to have the look they wish. But for me, it is not all about beauty alone.

Beauty by most of ladies = colourful contact lens, curly eye lashes, lively blushers, lipstick and etc.

The beauty that I wish is, my old school's skin which is pimple & marks free and a neat and refreshing face.
 It was difficult to find a suitable skin care product for my skin. Most of the times, the pimples cleared for a while and come back afterwards. It was so stressing~

My work mates most of the time, will comment on my face. Some of them will make fun of these pimples as chicken pox. Hello, they're totally not chicken pox! Tehee.. As usually, I don't take it to heart. ;)

But, the latter I ignored about it.. I realised I became discomfort infront of bosses and most of the people.
And Alhamdulillah, with Allah's brilliant yet unexpected planning, I found this product while browsing for something else.

As Beauty

Currently I have been using this pack for about 2 weeks  and Alhamdulillah, it shows improvement. My skin became fairer and less big size pimples. Looking forwards for a smoother and fairer skin.. Hihi..

And, an outside beauty care only is not enough. We also need supplements for our skin to grow healthier. Why not taking something like vitamin C ? or collage like moms wish to consume.

I found As Beauty skin care and Vitamin C 1000gm supplement from this sister , Sis Husna. Her FB : Ohlala Mekap. Have a visit and find your own outer and inner beauty care product.. ;)

It will be enough for me with a better skin and neat face. And, Solawat to Our prophet, wudhu' and prayers play a major role too.. Right?

Till then, take care... ;)

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