Friday, January 4, 2013

major excitement !


Long time no see dear blog readers~

It's new year already? Welcome 2013.. May Allah grants us more and more blessings.. Insha Allah..  Amin...

I just came back from a mall in my working town.. It was my first time driving to the mall alone without knowing which way should be taken and about 15km far away..

There, I had my lunch and went for a walk to see if there any interesting shop that could buy my attention. And there I found this shop.. Mr D.I.Y. ! I really2 love survey around the items inside any kind of D.I.Y shop.. and most, they are cheap~

And without realized, I actually picked up a lot of items.. See them below~ And you will be surprised with the prices! :') I am sorry, my childish inner self was just so excited with all these things.. 

too childish maybe? : P

a nice girly umbrella (RM9.90)

with purple lovely ribbon and button 

and when it is opened wide~

this stand mirror is so unique that i can't resist not to have it.. (RM4.50)

a mini bin (RM2.30) this is for used face tissue and cotton

a chinese handmade mini pouch (RM3.50) 

it firs my hard disk.. now it's it new cover.. hee

a biscuit key-chain.. just so yummy that i will bring every day to work.. ( RM 1.30)

it can torch!

mini cute scissor with cover just fit to help me at work (RM1.20)

mini stapler as I do write lots of letters~ (RM1.80)

mini sew kit fit 1 hand grasp for my sister (RM1.80)

a mini cute brief sew kit, just about size of lady's compact powder.. (RM2.80)

mini measuring tape.. (RM1.80)

mini purse mirror.. unique~  ( RM1.20)


a nice white head band .. (RM0.90)

A mini pill box.. But i will use it for my pins box.. (RM1.50)

and last , a mini cute calculator.. (RM2.90)

what do you think.. nice isn't it.. :') I will visit this shop frequently from now on.. I already thinking of buying some for my sisters at home.. 

Till then, take care... 


Shazwani Ramly said...

semuanya comel. ahhhh, jealous.

InIamIz4 said...

my DIY? kt AU keramat ke? penah nampak kdai ni kt jusco AU tp... why the price are soooooo chheeeapppp?? comell!!

izzanis said...

Shazwani : hee.. sila jealous~ :P

InIamIz4 : hee.. tak sure ada kat keramat tak, tapi tak silap ada kat selayang mall.. mmg sgt2 murah... barang hiasan/alatan uma semua ada n murah... :D