Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't forget your ground


Alhamdulillah.. I just finished Asr prayer in a 'surau' inside the building im working..
a peace of mind, with a sun shone through the window.. I found happiness.. Within this empty room, with only me and Him..

The bliss and pleasure when u want to concentrate to your prayer.. I always choose a room that's less people and even better, no one..

Working in this field, when people are calling you Doctor.. Especially from people older than you, I feel nothing else than humble.. They are mothers, maybe grannies of someone.. I shouldn't be treated so higher up because we are just human in Allah's eyes.. Nothing comparable except Iman and Taqwa..

People's mind will not be upgraded if they don't settle a day with reflection.. As do I..
I always charmed and amazed by Professors.. There is one that I crosses my mind now.. Prof Harlina Harliza.. I really wish one day, I will grow up as someone vocal, determine, and ambitious as her.. InshaAllah..

Although minimal, If I put my mind to grow up little and little by day.. One day, I will be someone I trust and inspire.. amin..

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