Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A horror feel


Yesterday, when the hospital announced a " white coat alert " for housemen, that means, there is a postmortem is going to be held in the forensic department.

I went, with my work mates. There, I saw a fresh dead body lying onto the postmortem table. Uncountable numbers of wounds and fractures. It was an allerged motor vehicle accident. A car vs lorry. He was just a young man, single man some more.

Nothing else popped out from my mind. It keeps thinking that " What will happen if it was me? " It was just an empty body in front of my eyes. Not moving. His eyes opened with blank stare.

How about of it was me who had that accident? A dead body of me lying on the road with bleeds. Nau'dzubillah..

The scary feeling that I felt. When I was looking at his hands, legs, and etc. I was thinking , " what was this hand be used for? Had it be used for good or bad things? Had this leg be used wisely? "

And I keep thinking of mine too.. Oh no.. How do I return back to Him with very very small good deeds..
Okay, I think I am going to cry now..

The Prophet Muhammad SAW:
"Increase the rememberance of  things that destroy flavor (in which DEATH)"
(Hasan Hadith narrated by al-Tirmidhi)

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