Sunday, December 9, 2012

A new opening

Bismillah Ar- Rahman, Ar- Rohim..

Alhamdulillah, with a moon of patience finally I am entering a new posting.. Surgery! I am not that excited actually, my heart keeps on anxious and anticipating what kind of experience/life I am having in this new posting.. Which, will start tomorrow.. :')

Honestly, I don't love surgery much because of the operation room. T.T It is so cold that I have to bring extra shirt and have to be early to grab the scarf which was so limited..

But, who knows the only thing that you dislike is actually you learn to love .. right? The most important thing is, check your attention..

Why be a doctor? Why come to work every single day as a doctor?

I don't expect much comfort, I just want to see a grown up me as a more courage , trustworthy, faithful doctor. Insha Allah..

Allah, You are always with me right? ;')

Story about future, Oh Allah.. I don't ask much.. Just someone who love You and knows what do You like and dislike, the one that understand much what I am looking for in this life.. Amin Ya Rabb..

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Nur Atiqah Mtz said...

chaiyok kak izanis :) wish u all the best :)