Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bows and rings


Dear readers, this weekend is one of most meaningful weekend for me. Two of my closest one are updating their status in life. Miss to Mrs. Congratulations for both of you sis.. Miss Aini and Miss Rahmah.. May Allah's barakah is always enlighten your newly formed family.. Aminn...

Miss Aini, who is a so long time ago called sis by me and family, we are already connected for years. She was actually my sister's college friend since their first year yet became our close not blood related sibling..

And Miss Rahmah is so called my bestie since my first year in university. I had lots of best buddies and this one is one of the closest one.. :') She is getting married soon... Huuuuu... I am so happy for her, hope her life will be more brighten and cheerful.. insha Allah.. don't forget me... ;'(

Sobbs.. It will be difficult to go both of the wedding ceremonies, one in Perlis and one in K.L. Since my mom and the rest is going to Miss Aini's wedding in Perlis, I will go to Miss Rahmah's wedding in K.L.. Yet, I haven't buy present for themm.. Oh no.. So little of time left already.. -.-

Miss Rahmah also requested me to be her lady photographer in her wedding.. Oh my, can I do it? What kind of attire should I wear then... Hmm, let see.. It should be an easy going one right.. Cannot wear Kurung/Jubah then.. Ok, let's figure out on that day.. ^^

Ya Allah, please make my beloved one wedding be smooth sailing.. Keep away something that unexpected and bring us joy and grateful.. Amin Ya Rabb..

All the best my Misses soon becoming Mrs... I always pray the best for both of you..


InIamIz4 said...

TQSM my dear sis. Love u! <3

InIamIz4 said...
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