Monday, October 8, 2012

White Lily


Praises be to Allah s.w.t., the one and only Almighty.

Alhamdulillah, it has been 3 months since the first time I registered as a house officer, I mean, a junior doctor. Working in a medical ward, it will always offers you hectic and hurry jobs. Patients are in pain, suffering, dying, all over the places. The smallest number of patients will be 8 people and you need to settle up all important jobs as soon as possible.

The challenges are always be the decision making, and triage-ing priority. This, I am challenged every each day. Being a very very junior in real medical world, doubt never fails to hop on me. Nevertheless, it will always be lessons to be learn each day. No matter how does this pathway will lead or may take unusual longer time, I just want to be a good and safe doctor, insha Allah. Amin.

I know, i know. Sometimes I may act blankly, gazing in blurr-ness and even not so sure what to do next, I learnt. To be a good one, never ever be an easy one. Be strong dear house officers! Let's recheck our niat again why did we chose this kind of work rather than other works that offers leisure and etc..

Allah knows well what we are capable of, I don't have that much expectation of what I am good at but I believe Allah must has seen good things in me, that's why He let me be one.. :') Insh Allah..

Thank you Allah, I love You the most..

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