Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's here!


The robe is here.. Like a bubble of dream flopping up to the cloud.. Thank you Allah. It will be my first graduation I ever had.. Although a graduation in education is somewhat people look forwards, I should work out to graduate from Yours too right..? :') Keeps on teaching me so that I can graduate as a good one too.. Amin..

This sunday will be the event. My graduation day. I already bought an outfit. Simple. Sweet. A mixture of grey, soft pink and cream.. Major love.. :)

Now, I am guessing how much skipped a beat my heart will be. So excited. Wish to see my mom's smile and proud at that day. A daughter how started with lots of tears, now surrounded with smiles. I am someone you can depend on, mom. 

Oh my, suddenly my tears came out. I was so busy with my works nowadays that almost forgot the hard work I did before becoming a doctor. I should have cherish them, the me in 17 and 23 years old. Thank you my dear old self for hold on your emotion, tears, energy and etc. I should cherish you more so I become a better doctor.. Insha Allah..

Thank you for everyone who ever be with me from my first time as student until now. I own you much. May Allah bless you all and cherish you with a lovely blessed life.. Amin.. :)

Who ever will be in the graduation day, congratulations! 

I am looking forwards for thousands of pictures and print them in photobook.. hee~


Nurr Kasih said...

congratulation Izzanis. Alhamdulillah...Happy graduation dear :)

Shazwani Ramly said...

all the best :')