Wednesday, September 5, 2012

White Rose


Alhamdulillah, another new day shines bright. A night shift and the-next-day off is a so-called holiday weekend for housemen like me. We didn't even realize the formal weekend days we used to be hyped about. Good bye Saturday and Sunday. We are now looking forwards for off days although it falls in weekdays... :')

Battling with guts and inner feelings, most of people should have fall down and go to another way, yet I am here still having a great battle between patience and endurance. Busy with daily works in the ward, go up and down the buildings, to the lab, radiology and etc, you just find out that day is getting dark outsides.

One day, I was so stressed up (means, physically) and went to take a pint of blood for blood transfusion. While waiting outside the blood bank counter, I scrolled my smartphone. Just installed a mathurat by Ustaz Don from Google Play. With the mathurat's duah itself with meanings, and hadith below each du'ah and even has Ustaz Don reciting it by clicking 'Play'. I played it to fill the waiting time.


It did impressed my heart, the du'ah and the words from Allah in Quran. Almost spreading out tears. Why did I feel that our distance is not as closer as before? When I was still in the university, had lots of time for usrah and keeping close contact with Him.. ;'(

Now, although when I am reciting Quran after prayer in the hospital's prayer room, there are feeling of uneasiness and insecurity that I have to take care of my patients in the acute cubicles as fast as I can.  ;'( Whatever it is, although we are struggling for patients, but we also have to struggle to stay close contact with Him too.. Insha Allah. Let's do our best..

" Didn't He, Allah who owns this universe and earth? "

Till then, take care...