Wednesday, August 22, 2012



4th day of Raya is almost ended. Here I am in the hospital already working far from home. During my little age time, I didn't have the idea that working as a doctor is this hard. You have hard feelings, and hard works.

It will be a lie too if none of us the housemen doctor never think of " running away " from our real world. I did think of it too, sometimes when I was in difficult time. An anesthetist doctor once said " Being a doctor is this ward will never be stressful, unless you are underknowledge ". So true, I agreed to it until now.

Learning 5 years in medical faculty didn't mean that you will know and well known of everything. There will always be some hole insides the knowledge and memory.

I know, for now my motivation seems down for a while. But I will try to improve it. There is no way to turn backwards. I will never be able to. Anyone want to let me?

Oh , Allah. If this heart and soul insides me are weakening, please change it to a new stronger heart and soul. Don't let me give up and turn away but You guide me to be a better one. Amin..

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