Monday, August 6, 2012

Ramadhan still here

Salam’alayk brothers and sisters,

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan is still with us, shines is brightful bless from Allah s.w.t, buckets of loves and sincere dedications for Him and a lot on going promotions for good deeds.

This month, a month specially dedicated for Quran, Faith, Patience, Determination, Funding and most, for a special day called Lail Al-Qadr. May Allah s.w.t. grant us to experience this special night than all nights, a night where our beloved prophet, Muhammad s.a.w. had an unbelievable and honorable moment to be brought over the 7 skies to meet Him, Allah.

Alhamdulillah, in this lovely Ramadhan, I was blessed with more off days, where free times are offering for good deeds and adding up new knowledge. I thought, with busy days as a housemen doctor will be a dull Ramadhan for me, but indeed Allah gives some more!

Yesterday, I was invited to an Iftar (a dinner to breakfast) by a newly known naqibah. (a teacher and guider of our usrah- an informal happy circle for Islamic and deeds discussion). So, we (me and my bestfriends) attended the event. Subhanallah, a total of 20 plus sisters, although we are not being tied by blood or genetics, but this ukhuwwah tied by faith in Allah and Islam has made us (me, bestfriends, naqibah and newly known sisters) knowing each other and be closed to. Holding hands, hugs, eating together and perform prayers in Jam’ah. I love it. Totally a peaceful and heartwarming scenery.

And a tazkirah (sharing reminders) by naqibah’s husband knocked my memory. Allahu’akhbar, didn’t Ramadhan is about reciting Quran, learn about Jihad and many more? It is totally different from the other months! We are fasting from desire, greed, feeling weak, anger and bad thoughts. The specialness of this Ramadhan is depending on our hearts. To believe this Ramadhan is special and work for it or to let it pass through like the other months. It totally depends on us. Do we lack of knowledge? Learn! Do we lack of realization? Find!

Alhamdulillah, today is like a gloomy day for hearts who are remembering Him and doing their best to be closer to Him, reciting Quran, funding who in needs, and do many more good deeds. They are not gloomy because of sadness, but because of the feelings they have in heart and mind, ‘we are owned by Allah s.w.t. but still do little good deeds’.

I love this kind of feeling, which makes me to keep on improving. I am no way to have a perfect Iman, but I will do my best as a Mukminul Muslimah, Insha Allah. Let’s do our best and grab this chance to the utmost, brothers and sisters!

Let’s start funding the poor.
Let’s start recite Quran every single day.
Let’s talk less and read more.
Let’s Ibadah more and play less.
Let’s go! ;”)

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