Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On night


Cold breeze wind keep on blowing into my room. Colder than this max power fan. Yesterday night was not so good day of work. Why is that? From my view, we need improvement and a better care. It is not that current care is not good, but we can do better. Insha Allah..

In my medical school, I always take in mind that learning medicine is easy as a b c. (not that easy actually) but well with your under knowledge, you did past! Of course not all knowledge in medicine are absorbed by all graduated doctors, they admitted. The moment they work, then they learnt so lots and able to manage patient accordingly. I am in that phase now, and it hurts. Hurt to know how lacking my knowledge now to manage patient. You learnt a lot in university too but sometimes you couldn't see the importance of it until the moment you do work in wards with a real patient.

The most of the day, my inner self keep on saying this " ohhh, now I know... " . Never mind, give myself room for improvement and keep on upgrading knowledge and understanding. And alhamdulillah, I am blessed with free-negative stress feeling. So far, positive or good stress comes and goes and it encourage me to do better. Learning process, I just love it.

Happy fasting brothers and sisters, find Lail Al-Qadr. May we are blessed to experience once. Insha Allah.. stay strong and patience. take care..

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