Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Gasping Hour

Salam'alayk brothers and sisters,

Nisfu Sya'aban just left us and Ramadhan is counting days to come. Have we ready? We have to, right.. Let's do our best~ Insha Allah.

Today was the 4th day of our orientation as a new house officer. This hospital do have information system via internet and we are no longer using totally papers anymore to do patient's case note and etc. It's all about typing and clicking.  We had great experiences dealing with this kind of system in UKM's hospital in our university, previously. Now, we are kind of already used to it. Alhamdulillah.Will do our best in making it a routine here. 

Something happened today in meeting. Although it was not totally directed to me, but I do feel bad for my best friend. We thought of the same thing, and when what we thought were actually wrong. I felt guilty for not preventing or advise. Thinking of her right now, my tears almost came out. Please don't, eyes...

It's kind of funny thinking how much I have been changed this few years. The one that I used to be was a self-centered person. And of course, to feel sad or being dragged together with the same feeling as my friends had never been in my quest. But now, I have a softer heart when it comes about friends and family. I felt what they felt. ;'( Have my heart became so big? Yet, I never know the best way to show.. Crying behind, is the only way I know..

So, about what happened today. People do mistakes. And people will always be mistaken for what they said too. They kept misunderstood things. Feeling hurt is not the best way to deal, but we have no choice. It's the nature of human's heart. We need time to heal, right? Take your time but next, we have to sit upright again and reflect about it. Why was this happening to us? I always said to my inner self to cheer up, " Things happened for good reasons. " Allah s.w.t. is teaching, HE is telling something which part we should improve, to become more mature and well prepared. Didn't we prayed to HIM that,

"Allahumma, 'alimna ma jahilna, wa dzakkirna ma nasiina"

" O Allah, teach us what we do not know, remind us what we did forgotten "

Why are we being sad when He did what we asked for?   -.-" We have to do reflection..
O Allah, help us to be thankful of what You did for us and You will do from now on.. Amin..


.........cP~ said...


It's worse when people were blamed or scolded because of us. You'll feel like apologizing for the rest of your life.

And again, we deal with people's life. An error is not an option, however, it still happen.

izzanis said...

cP : salam.. that's right too.. but, what happened yesterday was out of about dealing with patients or medically related. Hee..

something personal indeed..