Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Absolute Question


Being a 24 year old lady, nothing that you could expect from elders to ask, other than this absolute question. "When are you getting married? " Well, I don't have a great answer for now. I did ask myself too. When am I getting married? Wallahu'alim.. But I do have a dream to own a lovely beautiful family life.

It looks like my prince charming is having traffic jam on his way here. A lot of traffic lights maybe? Or accidents blocking? Or his car may needs some rearrangement. Kidding. I have no idea. I usually answered like this " Wallahu'alim, that fate is still in His hand. It will come when the right time come. "

I doubt to start searching. I am afraid of doing the wrong step. All I can do is praying that the right man will come and propose to be my ever 'best friend'. Who is totally sincere, having faith and will do his best improving himself as a good servant to Allah, taking care of his Iman and Taqwa. Insha Allah, the other roles as human being will be in his good care. I pray that he will have a great sustaining strength and patience. Amin Ya Rabb.  

I will do my best too from my part. Insha Allah. Will keep on improving.


InIamIz4 said...

Nice entry ever. You learned so much in your previous experience and you are getting matured! Congratulation my dear sis!. Insya Allah, your prince charming will arrive soon. Too many toll and traffic light with police roadblock he has to bypass. ^_^

izzanis said...

heee, probably true! ;')