Friday, July 6, 2012

First posting


This house sounds empty and lonely. Everybody else are going back their hometown but I decided to stay. Being alone in this big quarters with 3 big rooms, I just keep reminding myself to be brave and steady. Thinking of my new posting is going to start so soon, I am so nervous! 

The first ever posting will be in Medical Ward which, patients with internal organs illnesses are warded. Well, for us to be posted in Medical Ward first, our knowledge will definitely be tested! Oh no, I have to do a lot of revisions. They are so so lots. . From head to toe, neurology (brain and nerve), respiratory (lung), cardiology (heart and blood vessels), gastroenterology (stomach, intestine, etc), urology (urinary) and many more.... How much I do regret not to behave like a medical doctor in my student life. Now,we have to be ready for any kind of cases... O.O . Report to work will be on this Monday, 7 am... Err..

Don't worry, although a big challenge is ahead of me. I have no thought of losing or giving up. Will try hard to do my bestest best, Insha Allah. Due to this reason, I decided to stay-alone. Sobbs.. A list of patient's illnesses in ward are already jotted down. Now, it's time to read and reorganize my thought.. I know, at the very least I do enjoy being busy with works and lots of things to learn. 

O Allah, help me to be a competent good safe doctor. Amin Ya Rabb...

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