Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Trustworthy


Here I am, still in this whole empty house. Alone. Am I being regret? No, I think not. Alhamdulillah, I am happy as always. About 4 calls were made to my dear family members in which, my mom, grandpa, elder sister and the younger one. We are kilometerly far, but we are definitely close in hearts. ;') Oh, and I did talked to my nephew too! He said Aaaaaaaaaakkkkk! I know, he must miss me much~ So sad.. I miss my chance to witness his grown up scenes.. ;(  Hopefully he still remember this, his lovely Ibu far away from home... huk huk..

Yesterday midnight, I received an unexpected call from a friend of mine who just started houseman-ship too.  We graduated from the same university, and I know her well. The total shock was when the first thing I heard was her cry. She was heartbreaking, low of motivation, culture shock and all. I understood much. Being a student for so long and just entered  a total working reality, we have difficult time to adapt and encounter our afraid and worries.

Alhamdulillah, after some counsels and motivations, she calmed and felt better. Hopefully she is doing better today and the next next days. Insha Allah. May Allah s.w.t. always be with you and help you face all these ups and downs dear.. I wish you all the best.. ;')

And alhamdulillah, it was an honored to be called in unexpected time from a friend just to be heard and spill all out. I feel blessed. This trust is worth. I am thankful. Helping each other and continue encouraging. I hope Allah s.w.t. will send someone trustworthy too when I need to spill things out and be encouraged to do better. Insha Allah...

Dear brothers and sisters, treasure friends and cherish them. They are our family in life and hopefully continues on that 'day after'..

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