Tuesday, July 31, 2012



Alhamdulillah, I safely arrived home! Hommy mommy home. I was just discharged from 4 days stay in ward today, was sent to bus stop, and rode a bus to my hometown. I know, I haven't completely well yet but you know sometimes you have to be rough to your physicals so that it will become stronger. Insha Allah, can we make it, my physical? *nodding* (haa?)

Staying in a ward as patient, you learnt a lot. You know better a patient's feeling. You know that so well (i hope). Being awaken early in morning to check blood pressure, poke by the end of fingers, taken blood and so on. They just need to be asked and got permission to. And feeling sorry for hurting them with the instruments and equipment, with respects and empathy. Thanks to my professors and lecturers who guided and taught us this very important values as a medical doctor.

So, in the ward, I did was nothing else than rest, sleep, eat, bath, rest sleep, eat. Totally boring for a person who used to do lot of things in a day. Being friends with other patients in the same room, was a new experience to me. Wishing happy resting, have a good meal and etc, I was happy to after all.

Thanks to my boss, a specialist in internal medicine for giving me 3 days rest. I love them so much! ^^,

Thanks to my friend who his wife just delivered a baby boy last week 2 days before I was admitted. Thanks for sending me to bus stop... Arigato gozaimasu!

Thanks to everyone that have been cheering my daily life as a medical doctor in Medical Ward. I owe you guys so lot already... ^^,Y

And for the most utmost, praised be to Allah for making my life as smooth as the beautiful plan that You did for me... Alhamdulillah!

Life will not always be easy, but you will learn so lots in the journey.
Things happen for good reasons.
When it happens again and again, means there are some mistakes that you keep on overlook and not yet improving.
Have a strong and humble heart!
Insha Allah, sadness and gloom will not stay forever in you.. ;')

smallie note: why am I keep on thanking people? ~.^ new added personality maybe. Hee.


InIamIz4 said...

May be Allah wants to give you the best in your profession. He give you feeling to be a patient and to be treated by other doctors. so that later you will be more aware of what patients feel when you treat them after this. :)

izzanis said...

True true... Insha Allah.. hopefully! :')