Thursday, July 26, 2012

Post Tag - Off !

Salam'alayk ~

Salam Ramadhan Kareeemmmmmmm!

Alhamdulillah, we are blessed to be in this Ramadhan again.. How life's going when I've been drowning in busy-ness days? Hopefully, we are consistently trying our best to be a better person Insha Allah..

Well, I never have the chance to tell the story of tagging for these past two weeks right? So.. now is the right time, I hope! after all, I already listed things to do this morning although today is actually my off day... Hihi being workaholic? Kind of... :')

Today is actually my mom's birthday! my sister messaged me telling don't forget to wish.... see, how much I had lost my track when I am busy with my houseman-ship days..... ;(  I couldn't even answer my phone calls from home properly in wards. I am so so sorry mom! Patients in the wards are gasping for air, waiting for medications, fluid infusions.... O.O maybe I should send a copy of my shifts to mom then, so whenever she calls, I can answer sweet and nicely~ :D

Working as a doctor, dear fellow juniors out there who planned to be one of us one day... Be prepared!

You will wake up as early 6 (the latest, should be much earlier~) , get ready to work with bummy eyes, punch your work card, waiting for the lift to go up to ward (mine is 7th floor), entering wards, greeting nurses, patients, viewing patient's condition notes, charts, coming morning investigations, review patient progressions, examine, counselling and prepare for rounds and if needed, to endorse medications.

Medical officer (MO) will come, greetings, starting rounds with MO, presenting cases, typing / writing in notes, tell patient's list of problems, including what did you realized in that early morning review (patient, charts, investigations or new problem arose) and they give their new plan of management and anything requested.

Then after rounds, you do the management plan, taking bloods, send patient to x rays, typing/writing referral letters, discharging summary and etc. More, you will have to call for clinic appointments, go down to radiology department to discuss for early appointment or stat (at that point of time). After finished, you will have prepare next coming morning's blood taking tubes for all your beds and do labeling (if free, if not, this will be the last job before off shift).

Next, you go review patient again, look for new problems, charts, pending results, and counselling again. If suddenly a patient collapse, all of you will run for the patient and do as needed. You can't work alone, and you can't let your colleagues work alone too. Asking for emergency trolley, drugs stat, do CPR on the bed... Call for MO, anaesthesiologist for intubating patient to attend case.

If a death happened, you have to break bad news to the relatives, preparing mortuary documents, and etc. And before going back, you have to pass over all acute, subacute or unstable patients to your colleagues on night shift. Then go back home, face toileting, and go to sleep. maybe with that working attires. Sleep deprivations. The moment you finished one week, you will become zombeeessss... kidding! :P

In your dreamy sleep, you dream nothing else but the venue will be your wards. Your actors will be the patients, and colleagues. And what you did in the dreams are working! Heee.. when actually we get our rest? XD

okay, my alarm clock sang a song already. I have to go. Take care people. Have a bless Ramadhan and make it worth and lovely. ;')

Till then, wassalam'alayk~

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InIamIz4 said...

eheheh.. to pack! can't imagine if i'm at ur place.. will get flu if i'm really tired.. =_=" ...heard bad news from mama.. get well soon! take care of urself 1st before u care of ur patient. okeh!