Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Signage sage


Creative artworks are overwhelmingly everywhere. In any kind of events nowadays, they sure know how to insert art in the show.  Just by using the Easel, great artworks are being amazed. How about this mini signage which usually used on the table?

Let's see how they make it unusually unique than the formal one.. :)
And the creativeness begins ~

My my.. Such lovely ideas they have put on as a creative mini signage. Hopefully, one day I can make one my self too.. :')  Insha Allah...


ejulz said...

smoga impian tercapai. :)

laila said...

suka!!suka! :)).
idea baru tuk wat signage

eezance said...

ejulz : insha Allah.. tq ;)

laila : hee, suka kan? X)