Sunday, May 20, 2012

Easel Whistle


When wondering around the art world, nothing could beat the feeling of not knowing the unreveal one. Is it me who are left behind these so much new arty things? Or there are so much things about art that are unexposed in front of my own eyes. Wonder.

When doing survey in some Malaysian's online shops, I met this new item. It is called Easel. This Easel was formally being used in the art faculty, by Portraitists when they do Portraits. Nowadays, due to creative people's ideas, it is no longer being placed in gallery, art faculty alone yet it is widely used as home decoration and events tool.

There are variety of sizes for this Easel. People use it to put their printed photos, signage, and even art stuffs.
This is the former Easel for Portraitist.
And people created a mini one as decorative tools. With different types and styles.

And the plans they usually used as creative tools.
Art Angel 1

Being in loved with Easel? Me too :')
However, variety of Easels are not widely being sale in Malaysia I guess? If you do find any shop is selling them with affordable prices, do share with me okay? ;)

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