Thursday, May 17, 2012



Alhamdulillah, days are always beautifully planned by Allah s.w.t. and I am so thankful to know my one and only lovely Allah who gives me such a wonderful life. Alhamdulilllah. No matter how difficult life had been or full of sadness, I know Allah is so close to me and hear me for every single thing.. :') He gave me trials so I will never forgot to pull back my not so good deeds, and keep on improving to be a better person.. Human is ever-changing, a daily motivation and reminder is always needed to remain in the right track.. 

Am I starting to be thoughtful? Being thoughtful is one of the keys to know your weaknesses, not so good attitudes, deeds. Nothing is wasteful. Yet, you know yourself better. A person who just fails to do at least a self reflection is yet a failure to look into an improvement. Nothing to be ashamed of when you did mistakes. That's where you learn things. And become more matured. ;) Insha Allah. 

The problem is when people are easily proud of themselves of what they belonged, owned, and things they achieved. What matters is actually, either you intended and dedicated them only for Allah differs you from bad proud. 

Do reflections constantly, and get a better mind, thought and heart.. :)

Done for thoughtful sharing, now I just want to share what I did last Saturday. I accompanied my sister to PTD (administrative and diplomatic officer)'s exam which was held in Malaya University, once a place I studied. Totally some new buildings made me feel a little bit not used to that new environment. Especially the building which was used for the exams. Totally anew!

At the center of building, there is a garden like seats (no picture!) Love the sky shades in variable tones. :D
Sitting on a bench while waiting. What a nice ground. :)
What I did while waiting for her in exams :p Totally Amateur~
After the rain

Unfortunately, I have no chance to capture the full picture of this building which actually has a graduation hat's like roof. 

The pictures were taken by Sony Ericsson's 2.0 MP camera. Sorry for the normal quality. ;)
Till then, take care..

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