Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Here, again. Ar-Rajab.

Ad-Duah fi Rajab :

Oh Allah, bless us
in the month of Rajab and Sya'aban 
and let us to the month of Ramadan.

I beg forgiveness of Allah the Almighty and there is no god but HE, the living, a stand-alone
and I repent to Him.

Oh Allah, You are My Lord, 
there is no God worthy of worship except You who created me.

I am the servant and
I was in your hand.

I am in agreement
(Path) to You for all ability that I have.

I seek refuge in You of evil (maybe) I do.
I acknowledge the blessings that
you give me and acknowledge my sins

I ask Your forgiveness and certainly 
no one can forgive sins but Thee O Allah ..

22nd May 2012 is the date 1 Rajab, 1433 H. Narrated Al-Thabarani by Sa'id bin Rashid of

* a day of fasting in Rajab, it is as fasting for one year
* When 7-day fast then closed his gates of Hell
* When 8-day fast the gates of heaven opened up for him
* When fasting 10 days, Allah will fulfill all demands

Insha Allah. Wallahu'alim..

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