Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Photo in a book


Happy Thursday readers.. :)

I hope readers still know that I have a lot of interests and hobbies. Craft, Instrument, Photography and many more related to artsy. Well, I sure do love design and decoration too, as you can see I recently posted much about it. However, I haven't close my eyes to the others too.. :')

Let's see.. The Photo in a book.. I had never imagine one day, this kind of idea is actually popped out of a person's brain. That person must be really love photography I must say, and kind of an appreciative individual. Why? Because this person knows what is the best thing to do to the lovely pictures. They are being kept in a safe place yet wonderfully can be retrieved with a great feeling.

Like an expensive magazine or encyclopedia, just imagine it is actually a magazine or an encyclopedia of yours, your family, your life travels, or maybe more which closely attached to you..

A picture do tells thousands words. How I wish to own one as my life travel treasure. Starting the day I was born until today, how much did I achieved and experienced. It will be so lovely and heartwarming to remember and view them sometime. Insha Allah.. All of these are about money. No money no talk eh? Hee.. But I love to talk and wish for it since I don't own more money for now..

Feel free to drop by at to see how do they produce the photobooks and help you to own one.. And I wish there are a lot more shops who sell with affordable prices.. 

Till then, take care readers~ :)


@cu SaYaNg said...

salam kenal tuan rumah :)

izzanis said...

@cu sayang : salam kenal :) tq sudi singgah...