Friday, May 25, 2012

A Framed Gift


Frame has been used for decades of years by humankind. In any place in this world, people nonstop using frame to hang precious picture and home decorations. Some people framed their artworks, gifts, drawings, puzzles, achievements and etc.

I got one idea how to make frame useful for me as a gift. Because, I love to give a person a gift that is beneficial for her and she can view it everyday. So a frame is actually a good choice. A friend of mine which was my ex-classmate in secondary school is going to get married this weekend. This will be my first framed gift present. Using printed wishing words, colored and printed papers, not to forget doily papers and shaping scissors. :) Tada~

A Du'ah for the blessed couple. Insha Allah. Amin. :')
I hope the bride and groom will love this gift. I know its kind of simple, but it will be something meaningful, right? 

p/s : sorry for the low quality image.. :( the colors are actually more sweetie.. ;)

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