Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cream cracker in ice cream!

Who knows you actually can be indulged with such a scrumptious tasted ice cream with added in crushed cream crackers with an affordable price. Just get one ice cream tub, no matter which flavor you prefer and scoop some of it into a small bowl. Then, take your cream cracker and crush it into 6 or 8 parts. The more crackers you add in, the crunchier it will be. I used strawberry ice cream with strawberry sauce and the result was absolutely so delicious!

No need to add-in order like in the expensive cafe which cost more than RM5 per serve, just open your freezer and then, you can eat as much bowls as you want~ :') Such as me.. hee.

Sorry, no ready made photo was taken.. :)
Try it once, you will love it.. 
Till then, take care..

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