Friday, March 30, 2012

Orange meet Polka


Ehem, since the final year exam is already ended I can spend much time on my lappy. Actually, I have plans in this holiday, but due to cost constrain, I can just keep on dreaming.. I already planned to expand my skill in pastry and bakery, and sewing too.. However~ T.T sayonara dreams..

So, I window shopping online and found some great wears. I know I can't buy anything for now, but I can keep on dreaming~ ^^

I found this top at Floral Daisy Boutique. Mix colorful polka dot orange, black, yellow, grey and choc. RM35.

Then, match it with Grey long sleeve inner from Style Hive since the top's sleeve is only three quarter long. Inners are sold everywhere in the market. You will find it so easy. 

Around RM15 in Malaysia
Next, for bottom wear a Pallazo pant from Floral Daisy Boutique. One thing I like about Pallazo is that its size is bigger for the leg but first I have to make sure it is not shappy..


And the scarf in the house is from Cosmo Ladies. Two tones plain Pashmina. I chose the orange one to match with above attire.


Not to forget, having a handbag is a must too. ^^ Lovebag Lovebag's Bell Ribbon Sling Bag in Pinkish Red


And Peach Candy Heel from Arrogant Minnie .


I wonder what is it like to put them on into one attire.. ^^ in dreams~
Don't forget to complete your hijab with cute socks from Ibeauty House. Chose the soft pink to match it with the Candy Heel. Lovely~ 


.........cP~ said...

Salam.. Whoa.. Stylish...!

eezance said...

salam.. Hee.. just like to mix and match things.. Doesn't mean will wear exactly like this..