Friday, March 30, 2012

The amazing Korean world


Korea is one of famous country for centuries. I never bother about this country in my childhood and adolescent life. What is Korea? Ah nay.. It is just the same as other country. Then, when I started to watch Running Man variety show, before I realized, I already liking this unique country. I dedicate my admiration to the Korean's culture.

There are a lot of places in Korea to educate their people. For example, in the latest Running Man episodes, they had recording in Korean Job World Center. Have you ever went to Petrosains Malaysia? This place is more than that. They provide a lot of understanding about your future job, who you want to be. For example, if you want to be a pilot, there is an airplane with comprehensive stuffs insides. You can experience the nature of being a pilot. Wearing the headphone, mic, holding the steering and acting like you are announcing to the passengers. You may have to watch this episode to have a better imagination of this place. ;)

When I came home last 3 days, my little sister showed me another variety show about adopted pet. In one of the episodes, the dog pooped at the sidewalk. The owner then took tissue papers, pick up the poops, put it in the plastic bag and throw it in his house's trash can.

This is the first time I am seeing this, then my sister explained to me it is normal in Korea. You will be sued if causing dirtiness at public area. They love cleanliness and the people were sown sense of responsibility in their country. I am amazed. Look at my housing area, there are a lot of poops and nobody just care to throw it in their trash can. Do we? ^^

One day, I wish I can visit Korea and learn more good stuffs about their culture..
Till then, take care..

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