Friday, March 30, 2012

Dinner Batch is Tomorrow


We have our last Dinner tomorrow night with fellow batchmates. The theme is Pastel in Springtime. Sounds great, but I have little clothers in Pastel. --"

Actually, I am not that so excited to follow Dinner's themes. A theme spoiler? Tehee.. I am just in between. So, this dinner, I planned to wear baby purple because I have a boxy bag in purple. Lets dream!

Having this Soft purple Maxi dress from My Busana Hawa as the main attire. I will remove the belt since I don't like shappy stuff on my waist.^^


And wish to put on a Soft Purple Lace Sleeveless Cardigan like this. Imagine there is no sleeve and the length is longer down to thigh.  So difficult to find one in Google.. >.<

Put on Soft pink armsock from Peek A boutique . Actually this armsock is small. Just imagine I found a suitable one for me.. ^^

Beige Ruffled Leg Warmers-

And Printed Purple Flower Pashmina from Cosmo Ladies


Hang on  Josie Clutch Bag / Shoulder Bag in Purple from Lovebag Lovebag.


Just nice Catwalk Gladiator Flower Wedges as foot wear from Zodomo.

Catwalk Gladiator Flower Wedges - Black

And it's soft pink sock pieces. ^^ Now, ready for dinner~


.........cP~ said...

Salam. Wowow..betul nak pakai macam ni ke? Dari blog ni batu kenal ezzance...heee..selama ni tak kenal bangyun betul lagi..

eezance said...

Salam... Mestilah tak..kata berangan.. ^^

yangyuyu said...

wow lengkap hehe