Friday, March 30, 2012

Being ruined

There is a quote saying, never like something too much you will end up hating it and never hate something too much its end up you are liking it. After these few years, I have been disliking someone but I ended up to being amazed by her. It poses me without me realizing, it paints me without me noticing. Am I changing myself to be like her? Or I am the still me. I know, it is really me insides but some points about her have been added up to me. I hope, I don't turn out to be like her. No.

You must be confusing with my monologue, but I prefer to let it be nebulous. I have been thinking this for few times, but I realized it is difficult to get rid off. ^^

Nevertheless, a lot of new experiences awaiting me in future. I have to focus and do great in my hard work.
I wish you all the best in your future, world is a place you will learn most things but Resurrection is coming so don't forget. ;)

Till then, take care..


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