Friday, January 20, 2012



Psstt.. I have a very exciting project on this Chinese New Year holiday.. :D It's about photography photoshoot at my own house.. I plan to make a unique outdoor... erm, studio? No no, a unique outdoor photoshoot corner will be more suitable.. hihihi.. These are some simple props for the ideas :

white DIY curtain (of course not looks this expensive ^^)

a long ship rope? or manipal rope I think~ ^^

wooden clips~ ^^

and, an open verandah.. ^^ (but my verandah is not this wealthy looking~ hee )

Maybe, I will add up new props to it as my mind always gonna pop up some new ideas by time.. Now, who wants to be my models? Oh, I know.. The victims will be my sisters~ XD...

Now, I am counting for hours before stepping into my house.. Yea, it's holiday.. I hope it will be a great photoshoot... :) All the best to me then! Opps... How about your exams my dear me? errr...Well, it's holiday.. So, fill your days as holiday~ Then, focus back to exams... ^^ right?

Till then, take care... ;)


.........cP~ said...

Hehe. You do know how to enjoy your life. Have fun, eh?

InIamIz4 said...

Sunday is coming! I'll join you for this photoshoot! yeahhh~