Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Playing with the wooden rope, clips, white fabric and doily papers..^^ 

Sometimes, when in your view it is something dreamy beautiful, but in other people's eyes it doesn't makes sense and it is nothing special. Keep on following your heart, because you know, you are happy with what you love, and admire. 

If people don't give a feedback of what you have strived, struggled, showed and shared, strengthen your heart. It hurts, but you don't have to lose your smile.

When you keep on kindly accepting people's weakness and mistakes, and cover them what they are lacking of.. And they don't even try to accept yours and make it as habit to make fun of you, it hurts but you have to quietly swallow it or your smile will never rise again.

You may loosen down your coolness and charisma so that people surround you can comfortably interact with you, but there is a limit to look down upon you. You have feeling too, but people just tends to enjoy looking at you with their cynical view.

Enough. Smile smile! 

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